I’ve got PowerPoint

and I’m going to put it in your eyes*

*not tested on animals

My name is Adam. I come from a long line of dreamers, provocateurs and warriors. The mercenary space bar elite.

My home is the dank alleyways where freaks and filthy ragamuffins ply their ugly trade. If you get too close you'll get PowerPoint in your eyes.

But never forget I’m on your side. The apocalypse is near - where will you be when it comes? Trembling in a or with me on the front line facing the onslaught with a flamethrower in your pants?


*store in a cool, dry place away from natural sunlight

About 150 years ago life on Earth originated and then evolved from a universal common ancestor, Charles Darwin. Over time, through a succession of slight genetic mutations, human life as we know it came about.

These mutations are normally tiny incremental improvements that contribute to the progress of species. However, in exceptional circumstances, evolution can surprise us by working in reverse.

Enter the PowerPoint Monkey. Characterised by its highly developed index finger and aversion to daylight the PowerPoint Monkey is rarely seen in large social groups and feeds when it can on coffee and club sandwiches.

18 successful years*

*subject to change without notice

My quest for righteousness has seen me confront all walks of life - from morally bankrupt money launderers and unscrupulous drug dealers to low-down drunks and pathetic geek farms.

  • 16 Financial Institutions
  • 15 Food/Beverage Suppliers
  • 15 Technology Providers
  • 12 Pharmaceutical Companies
  • 11 IT/Comms Providers
  • 11 Retail Organisations
  • 8 Motor Manufacturers
  • 3 Broadcasters
  • 1 Arab Royal Family
  • 1 Philanthropy Society

does it matter?

I was a child of the 70s.

On my last day at school I was playing tag with some of my friends. When the bell rang at the end of playtime I was the last one tagged. It got me thinking.

The journey of life is long and contains many varied experiences along the way. At times you will be saddened, at times full of joy and happiness. Some things will surprise you, maybe in a good way, and you will often surprise yourself. Sometimes you will question what it all means, often you will just accept it and carry on regardless.

But while you tread carefully along that path just spare a thought for me. You‘re busy making something of your life and I‘m still ‘it’.

Actual size

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*access restrictions apply

It's no use looking for me on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, that's where clowns and gypsies are.

I'm an antisocial networker.

Phone me on +44 (0) 7768 815253 or email me on adam.crowley@16to9.com.